Sublime apparel for sleek web developers. 

Only the freshest designs, made with a good cause 🤲

The Good Cause

What would our world be without children? Children are our hope, our future. At Devnull Clothing, we believe in giving back. Which is why we will donate 10% of our profits to the Save the Children charity.

Together, we can make a change, thread by thread. ❤️ 

About Us


Devnull Creator 🤟

Hello 👋 I'm Honza

a web developer from Prague/Sydney and the founder of Devnull Clothing. Some like to call me ‘The Honzanator’ for my relentless pursuit of bugs.

One day, the penny dropped. I didn’t want to look like I lived in my mother’s basement anymore. But I still wanted to identify as a web dev. Just a really really cool one.

Unfortunately, those same tired designs like “Keep Calm and Stackoverflow” weren’t going to cut it.

And that’s how Devnull Clothing was born - a label created by a web dev for web devs like you with only the slickest designs.

Don’t be afraid to release the programista in you before the weekend.

Happy browsing 🤪